Creature/Character Concepts - Kaetiir

Exploration artwork, characters/creatures that I have written a lot about, developed through the years.
I have a vague idea of what they look like, however I'm slowly nailing the aesthetic down.

Valentina paz kvrv3 copy

"Kvrv" Character, Reworked design

Valentina paz 1558234071 valentinapaz kvrv

"Kvrv" Character. First Sketch

Valentina paz kvrv copy

"Kvrv" Character. First Polished Concept

Valentina paz 1560528387 valentinapaz k

"Kvrv" Character. Head Detail.

Valentina paz 0

Rough Zbrush Block

Valentina paz 1578166794 valentinapaz kvrv1
Valentina paz 1497064717 valentinapaz kaetiir

Preliminary Shape exploration

Valentina paz 1497384272 valentinapaz kaetiir2

Old painting, exploration

Valentina paz kaetiir8

Mood Exploration

Valentina paz kaetiir9

Mood Exploration

Valentina paz kaetiir7

Sketch, color and design exploration